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France: School Of The Prophets Summer 2019.

If you are new to this message, Parminder suggests starting with the Reform Lines and starting with the Millerite line, then Christ's line, Moses' line and finally our reform line, the line of the 144,000, followed by a study of Ezra 7:9. So a good place to start might be:

    The Millerite Timeline Repeating in our Time (for Beginners).
    Another Good Study of the Millertie Reform Line and Ours.
    The Reform Lines - An Introduction.
    The Reform Lines.
    Ezra 7:9.

Also recommended:

    March 2019 - Reunion Island.
    The Two Temple Cleansings and an Introduction to Revelation 9.
    The Prophetic Chain for Beginners.
    August 2017 - Nebraska (with Portugese Translation).

For further study, I have tried to compile a list of series which I thought were excellent summaries of the advancing light:

    June 2014 - Covenant Lines.
    October 2014 - Arkansas.
    January 2015 - San Bernardino, California.
    February 2015 - Brazil.
    May 2015 - Sierra Convocation.
    July 2015 - Alberta Canada.
    September 2015 - Arkansas.
    October 2015 - Gold Country Convocation, Rescue, California.
    March 2016 - Alberta Canada.
    April, 2016 - Gold Country, Rescue, California.
    July 2016 - North Carolina.
    August 2016 - Portola, California.
    October 2016 - Arkansas.
    December 2016 - Holland.
    February 2017 - Virginia.
    22nd-26th March 2017 - Arkansas.
    May/June, 2017 - Italy.
    May/June 2017 - Italy.
    January 2018 - Germany [annotated].
    April 2018 - Tahiti.
    3rd-11th June 2018 - Italy.
    September-October 2018 - Arkansas. School of the Prophets.

Click to download "Prophetic Time Lines" and "Time of the End" magazine authored by Jeff Pippenger in the 1990s at the beginning of this movement.